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MONSIEUR Z collection
Richard Zielenkiewicz, better known under the pseudonym of Monsieur Z, is a French illustrator and graphist living in the South of France. He studied at Estienne School of Superior Graphic Arts and later gained a Master’s degree in computer generated images from the Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg. He worked as an Art Director for major communication and advertising agencies. He also worked as an Art Director for the press, including magazine makeovers. In 1998, he became an independent illustrator and started contributing to the following magazines: Wallpaper*, Vogue Japan, Casa Brutus, Monsieur, Elle, Cosmo, Esquire, etc. Today he is mainly known for his colourful, yet sleek illustrations inspired by Mid-Century design and architecture. He is the author of several animated TV series such as Ratz, Jet Groove .